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MECHANICAL Dishwashing Detergent – handle with caution.

Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent
  • CLEANDISH is a low foaming alkaline detergent / disinfectant containing organochlorine compounds for effective disinfection.
  • CLEANDISH is suitable for all makes of mechanical dishwashing machines and is suitable for use in both hard or soft water.


  • CLEANDISH contains anti corrosion compounds to protect cutlery and washing machines.
  • The blend of alkalis used in the formulation of CLEANDISH ensure rapid break-up of fats and grease thus giving swift effective cleaning.
  • CLEANDISH is non-caustic which makes it safe on all surfaces, including aluminium and will not cause corrosion problems.
  • The blend of non-ionic surfactants used in CLEANDISH provide excellent wetting and penetration of soiling and also imparts detergency benefits, giving optimum cleaning efficiency.
  • Sufficient sequestering agent is included in CLEANDISH for all water conditions found in South Africa, making the product effective in hard and soft water areas.
  • CLEANDISH is non-volatile and stable on storage for twelve months.
  • CLEANDISH is unperfumed and therefore suitable for food industry applications.
  • The stabilised chlorine in CLEANDISH provides effective disinfection throughout the cleaning operation.
  • CLEANDISH is low foaming to prevent cavitation of  pumps during the cleaning cycle.
  • CLEANDISH contains protein targeting enzymes to break down blood stains effectively and protein residues.


CLEANDISH is packed in 25Kg drums and 4x5 Kg packs.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.