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Safe for hands use.

Neutral Detergent
  • PROCON is a high foaming multipurpose detergent suitable for all light duty manual cleaning.
  • PROCON is recommended for general manual cleaning of surfaces such as paintwork, tiles, vehicles interiors and exteriors, glass , ceramics, plant machinery, floors, walls and all metals. It is ideal for the manual cleaning of delicate equipment where mechanical methods could cause damage.
  • PROCON can be used in conjunction with TC340 for cleaning and disinfecting in one operation. Mix only previously diluted solutions.


  • PROCON is a colour coded green to indicate that the product is safe for hand use. This colouring also leads to easier recognition by unskilled labour.
  • PROCON contains a high level onionic and non-ionic surfactants which provide exceptional wetting power and soil removal capabilities, thus providing optimum performance at minimal cost.
  • PROCON is effective in hard or soft water, and can also be used in hot or cold water.
  • PROCON is safe on all metals, paintwork and plastics, providing safe and reliable all-round performance.
  • PROCON is non-volatile and stable on storage, giving an indefinite shelf life.
  • PROCON is unperfumed and therefore suitable for all food industry applications.
  • PROCON is free rinsing and will not stain or streak glassware or mirrors.


PROCON is packed in 200Lt drums, 25Lt drums and 5Lt containers.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.