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Powerful Scourer Cleaner / disinfectant

Chlorinated Alkaline Scouring detergent
  • SCOUREX is a high foaming alkaline detergent disinfectant containing organo chlorine compounds for effective cleaning and disinfection.  SCOUREX is suitable for all manual cleaning of floors, walls and equipment in the food industry and is suitable for use in both hard and soft water.


  • The blend of alkalis used in the formulation of SCOUREX ensure rapid break-up of fats and grease thus giving swift effective cleaning.
  • Because SCOUREX is non-caustic it is completely safe to use on all surfaces, including aluminium and will not cause corrosion problems.
  • The blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants used in SCOUREX provide excellent wetting and penetration of surfaces and also imparts detergency benefits, giving optimum cleaning efficiency.
  • Sufficient sequestering agent is included in SCOUREX for all water hardness’s found in South Africa.
  • SCOUREX is non-volatile and stable on storage if kept dry.
  • SCOUREX is un-perfumed and therefore suitable for all food industry applications.
  • The blend of quick and slow release chlorine compounds in SCOUREX allows for continual release of chlorine providing effective disinfection throughout the cleaning operation. i.e. all the chlorine is not released immediately.
  • The abrasives used in SCOUREX  will lift most stubborn dirt.


SCOUREX is packed into  25Kg bags.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.