Products - Kitchen Cleaning
Is a liquid oven cleaner and degreaser. 
  • Conforms to SABS 1255
  • Caustic detergent
  • OVENKLEEN is a clear amber concentrated liquid detergent for one stage cleaning of domestic and industrial ovens, grillers, boilers, stove hoods, deep fat fryers and utensils.


  • OVENKLEEN has a blend of solvents to dissolve oil and grease from most surfaces.
  • OVENKLEEN has wetting agents enable it to penetrate porous surfaces and be effective, yet still rinse off easily.
  • OVENKLEEN is suitable for removing baked on grease and carbon deposits.
  • OVENKLEEN is caustic to help break down fatty deposits.
  • OVENKLEEN can be applied either by brush, sponge or flexi-spray.
  • OVENKLEEN is volatile and therefore should be stoppered on storage.
  • OVENKLEEN can be used on hot or cold surfaces.
  • OVENKLEEN is non-flammable and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • OVENKLEEN is suitable for clearing blocked fat traps and fat blocked drains.
  • OVENKLEEN is corrosive to aluminium, zinc and galvanised materials.


OVENKLEEN is packed in 25Lt drums, 4x5Lt boxes and 5Lt containers.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.