Products - Laundry Detergents
LoFOAM WASH is a low priced, concentrated detergent, suitable for use across most soil classifications and in all washing machines.


  • LoFOAM WASH is formulated to work most effectively in soft medium hard water (100 ppm CaCO3)
  • LoFOAM WASH is a “fully built” powder, carefully formulated to ensure the optimum amount of active ingredients for superior wash results.
  • LoFOAM WASH normally requires no additives.
  • High levels of non-ionic detergent and sequestering agents in LoFOAM WASH assure you of a low foaming product with excellent cleaning properties.
  • In hard water areas (+ 100 ppm CaCO3) LAUNDRY ALKALI should be added for maximum soil removal.
  • LoFOAM WASH is extremely cost effective and economical to use.
  • Due to it’s concentrated formula, fewer washes are required, thus providing substantial time and energy savings.
  • Because LoFOAM WASH does not normally require additives, it is simple to use and therefore the risk of operator error
    – so you achieve consistent wash results time and again.
  • LoFAOM 110 contains salt to solubilise dried blood.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.