Products - Specialised Range
Cleaner disinfectant for portable toilets.
  • PORTABLE-LOO – Neutral detergent / disinfectant
  • PORTABLE-LOO is an effective treatment for Portable - toilets
  • PORTABLE-LOO contains a powerful perfume to mask odours.
  • PORTABLE-LOO contains powerful disinfectants for controlling bacteria in portable toilets.
  • PORTABLE-LOO keeps the tank clean and reduces gas build-up.
  • PORTABLE-LOO contains surfactants to help break down faeces


  • PORTABLE-LOO is colour coded blue for easier recognition by unskilled labour.
  • PORTABLE-LOO has an optimum level of surfactants which provide exceptional wetting power and soil breakdown capabilities, thus providing optimum performance at minimal cost
  • PORTABLE-LOO is non-caustic it is completely safe to use on all surfaces, including aluminium and will not cause corrosion problems.
  • Sufficient  sequestering agent is included in PORTABLE-LOO for all water conditions found in South Africa, making the product effective in hard and soft water areas.
  • PORTABLE-LOO contains a bactericidal to control bacteria growth.
  • PORTABLE-LOO is strongly perfumed for effective odour masking.
  • PORTABLE-LOO is stable on storage.


PORTABLE-LOO is packed in 25Lt drums and 5Lt containers.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.