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Water based, Solvent free degreaser / cleaner.

TC228 – Degreaser / cleaner
  • TC228 is a clear concentrated liquid degreaser for cleaning engines.
  • TC228 is suitable for cleaning all greasy and oily parts.
  • TC228 is suitable for degreasing garage and workshop floors.
  • TC228 removes oil and grease from soiled hands.
  • TC228 is suitable for cleaning tar marks off paintwork.
  • TC228 is used for cleaning petroleum based soiling.
  • TC228 is used for removing break dust from mag wheels.
  • TC228 is used through scrubbing machines for effective cleaning.
  • TC228 is non-caustic and therefore suitable for use in food processing areas.


  • TC228 has a blend of actives to dissolve stubborn oil and grease from most surfaces.
  • TC228 has an optimum level of wetting agents to enable it to penetrate porous surfaces and be effective, yet still rinse off easily.
  • TC228 contains anti rusting agents to slow down the tendency for rusting to occur after cleaning.
  • TC228 contains detergents to help suspend loose soiling.
  • TC228 should be stoppered on storage.
  • TC228 should not be left in contact with rubber or plastic parts for long periods.
  • TC228 should not be mixed with other detergents or chemicals as this will affect it’s performance.


TC228 is packed in 25Litre, 4x5Litre and 5Litre containers.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.