Products - Workshop & Garage
  • GRIT HANDGEL is a solvent based degreaser with grit.
  • GRIT HANDGEL  is a blue solvent based degreaser for cleaning greasy hands.
  • GRIT HANDGEL is suitable for cleaning greasy surfaces.
  • GRIT HANDGEL is suitable for degreasing garage and workshop floors.
  • GRIT HANDGEL removes oil and grease from soiled hands.


  • GRIT HANDGEL contains lanolin to keep the skin soft and supple.
  • GRIT HANDGEL contains a mild disinfectant to protect the skin from infection.
  • GRIT HANDGEL contains skin conditioning glycerine to keep skin from drying out.
  • GRIT HANDGEL has a blend of actives to dissolve stubborn oil and grease.
  • GRIT HANDGEL has an optimum level of wetting agents to enable it to penetrate oil and grease effectively.
  • GRIT HANDGEL is safe for most skin types.
  • GRIT HANDGEL contains grit to help remove stubborn soiling.
  • GRIT HANDGEL contains detergents to help suspend loosened soiling.
  • GRIT HANDGEL container must be sealed after use.
  • GRIT HANDGEL has a pleasant perfume for lasting freshness.


Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.