Products - Kitchen Cleaning
  • BLEACH is an unperfumed stabilised Sodium Hypochlorite solution for disinfection and stain removal in Food Industry, as well as chlorination of process water. BLEACH can also be mixed with TC120 Neutral Liquid Detergent for use as a one stage Detergent / Sanitiser.
  • BLEACH is recommended as a disinfectabt for all CIP systems.
  • BLEACH is suitable for fog disinfection.
  • BLEACH is safe for use on all surfaces and equipment, and in drains, gullies, waste pipes and refuse containers.


  • BLEACH container is colour coded blue to indicate that the product contains a bactericide.  This also allows easierrecognition by unskilled labour.
  • BLEACH is unperfumed and therefore suitable for all food industry applications.
  • BLEACH contains a high level of available Chlorine allowing economic dilutions of maximum disinfection.
  • The Chlorine compounds used in BLEACH allow the product to be used as a highly effective stain remover.
  • BLEACH contains a corrosion inhibitor allowing the product to be used on all metals.
  • When used in conjunction with TC120 Neutral Liquid Detergent, an ideal “one-shot” detergent for combined cleaning and disinfection.
  • BLEACH can be blended with dilute alkaline detergents to create a pertising effect for the efficient removal of proteinaceous soiling.


BLEACH is packed in 25 litre rondotainers.

Further information is available from a Techclean Systems Representative.